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The Mindful universe

by Mark Westmoquette


The ​Mindful Universe explores the scientific workings of the Universe, its awe-inspiring nature, and how it can be partnered with mindfulness to bring meaning to our lives. 

Part of the Mindfulness series, this book ​looks at science through the lens of mindfulness and spirituality, bringing together two seemingly opposed beliefs through topics such as: 


  • The journey of a photon

  • Our chemical origins from the birth of stars

  • The nature of time

  • The limits to our senses

  • The beauty of nebulae

  • Non-duality and quantum theory

  • ... and much more

Mark Westmoquette takes you on a fascinating journey through space, time, our mind, and the mysteries of the cosmos in this lovingly-written book. Through practical meditations, facts, and anecdote, he points the reader to a life-affirming realisation: that when we start to observe things mindfully, just as they really are, we start to find the secrets of the Universe revealing themselves before our very eyes.



by Mark Westmoquette


Stars presents 20 unique pin-hole constellation cards for helping families and stargazers find the shapes in the night's sky, along with a companion book exploring the significance of these stellar patterns. 

This portable and interactive kit includes a mix of northern- and southern-hemisphere constellations, such as:

       - Orion - Bootes - Taurus​ - Virgo - Perseus - Ursa Major - Crux - Hydra - ... and many more

Once you've used the cards to identify the shapes in the night sky, read through the book to learn about their mythological and cultural history, as well as all of the fascinating deep sky objects and celestial events the constellations are home to. 

Noticing the constellations in the night skies above can foster a sense of curiosity and awe like nothing else on Earth. With a mix of scientific fact and meditative insight, this kit will help you discover how the twinkly skies can connect us all more deeply to our inner selves. This is the perfect gift for a night of stargazing or for those embarking on a stargazing holiday.


The Camel

By Ulrika Berge


Note: The Camel is only available in Swedish at the moment. The Translation to English is complete but awaiting publication. 

The Camel - Who Wanted to go Through the Eye of the Needle

Translation: Kim Westmoquette


The Camel who wanted to go through the eye of the needle. 

Who left her camel train to undertake a pilgrimage in the desert. 

This pilgrimage initiates a chain reaction, a stream of thoughts, feelings, memories and stories. 

In the desert there is time. 

Time to simply be. 

Time to see oneself 

Who am I? 


Written in a lyrical style this adult fable is a unique read. Simple yet profound. Following the camel as she reflects over her life. As she recounts stories told on the camel train. Share in her journey in the desert as she experiences freedom, happiness, love, depression, loneliness, friendship and enlightenment. 


A calming, meditative rhythm throughout the book makes you feel like, you too, are walking the path with the camel. A book about living in the now. 


For anyone on their own inner journey you will recognise yourself in the camels thoughts, confusions, insecurities and insights. The compelling draw to explore the world beyond the four walls of our daily life.



The author Ulrika Berge is an artist. This story came to her while she was building a landscape of floating plants. She was surprised by the flow of words that came to her and allowed the words to create a humoristical and philosophical story about being on this earth. The camel is her first book.