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At PilgrimsRest Retreat & Wellness we are creating a space intended for healing and rest. 

Our main philosophy is to 'bring you home'. With that we mean to hold a space where you can get in touch with yourself and with nature and from that space of presence and awareness can magical things happen. 

This is the foundation of where we can heal, where we can develop compassion for ourselves, and from this point where we can communicate and move back out into the world with our cups full. 


'You cannot pour from an empty cup'

PilgrimsRest  - Bringing you Home

"Into the forest she goes to loose her mind and find her soul"

Vi pratar flytande svenska också! Välkommen att kontakta oss

"Wherever you go, there you are." - Jon Kabat-Zinn


Spa retreat

We offer rejuvenating retreats where you can simply stay a night or two (or longer) and eat nutritious home cooked food, soothe achy muscles and souls with massage and hottub or sauna bath. Sleep well. Swim in the lake and walk in the forest.

We guarantee you will be the only guests @PilgrimsRest

"You will find it necessary to let go of things; simply for the reason that they are heavy" - Jack Kornfield


We believe massage is an important part of maintaining health and wellness. 

Massage helps to keep our physical body in balance on so many levels as well as providing much needed tonic for there soul too. 

At PilgrimsRest its possible to book single massage or come with a friend and enjoy a massage at the same time (we are 2 masseuses here @PilgrimsRest. 


"A mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size" - Albert Einstein

Hot tub/ Sauna

Guaranteed private use!

The smell of wood as you step into the traditional Finnish wood fired sauna. 

The cool air on your face while your body is submerged in warm water. The great Swedish forest trees surrounding you which ever direction you look. 

Towels, robes and slippers are provided as well as a nutritious refreshing PilgrimsRest 'fika' (afternoon tea). 


"Maybe the journey isn't about becoming anything; maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you."


Central in our yoga classes is the theme 'bringing you home' 

With soft yoga flows, stretches and strengthening postures we explore our physical body, our breath and what is going on in our monkey mind. 

max 6 participants