Experience the lakes

Experience the lakes

Meditation certainly doesn't just happen in the yoga room. 

The lakes provide such beauty and tranquility. PilgrimsRest is just across the road from lake Klämmingen and about 1.5 km from Marvikarna. 

In the summer on Klämming PilgrimsRest can offer rental of a classic wooden row boat. There is also a jetty from which you can bathe. With the growing popularity of winter bathing this activity is available all year round  of course. 

PilgrimsRest has a license to fish in the Klämminge lake. You can fish from the jetty, or row out in our boat.

PilgrimsRest is situated about 1km from the canoe trail that crosses over from Marviks lakes to lake Klämminge. About 10km from PilgrimsRest is the Canoe King where you can rent canoes and plan your trip. 

We offer drop-off and pick-up service if you want to follow a canoe trail or get out to the Canoe King to rent a canoe (within 20km from PilgrimsRest).


Trips cost 15kr/km.


We also offer pick-up/drop-of from Läggersta or Gnesta train station @200kr single trip. 

Lakeside Boat

1tim @200kr

Available from July

"Into the forest she goes to loose her mind and find her soul"