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Get more productive with a focussed and present team

Yoga Group

I can help you and your team to improve individual wellness and bring more presence and awareness to any aspect of your workplace environment. 

How about a mindful morning meeting?  or an inspirational workshop? or a yoga for the office?

For smaller groups (up to 8) you can book your mindful meeting @PilgrimsRest and enjoy the tranquility of the forest, a bite to eat and maybe even the sauna and hot tub? 

If it's easier I can come to you. (Sörmland/ Stockholm).   

Feel free to contact me and we can plan your mindful team event so it's perfectly suited to your workplace.   

Well lets see... what does the science say about this: 

Today it is becoming more and more widely know and accepted that the benefits of meditation are far reaching both on a personal level and in the work place; not to mention that the body of hard scientific evidence to back it up is growing daily.  


Reduces stress: When one is mentally strained, the stress hormone Cortisol is released; this in turn, disrupt sleep, and promote depression, anxiety, fluctuating blood pressure, and cloudy thinking. Meditation helps reduce stress, regulate sleep, controlling the cortisol hormone and promoting the release of happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. 


Enhanced creativity: Working in any team requires individuals to be extremely creative. Be it the to co-work with team members who think differently than oneself or to solve the everyday problems the company is there to solve for their client. Meditation has been proven by science to greatly promote creativity.


Calms the mind: When you meditate regularly, you learn to redirect your attention, and control your emotional impulses, as well as get rid of temptations. As such, it helps in calming your spirit and mind, which is extremely useful for increasing your focus, which further helps enhance one’s productivity at work.


Improves self-awareness: Despite the lack of knowledge about the same, self-awareness is just as important as awareness of one’s surroundings. Meditation helps promote self-awareness greatly, which enables one to be completely aware of one’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, and everything happening inside of the mind. 


Improves relationships: A good team is imperative to achieving outstanding results, and meditation plays a tremendous role in helping enable better communication and understanding, which improves interpersonal relationships. Workplace meditation not only improves the bond between team members, but also promotes better team engagement and improved mental health for everyone.