Physios are the masters of pain, pretty much every ache and pain in your body you can ask us about. 


Need help increasing your fitness so you have the energy for more in life?

Fatigue/ sleep issues

Tired of being tired? Find out how you can get yourself out of that slump. 

Neurological illnesses

Stroke, MS, Parkinsson, CP all require good adapted training to maintain and improve function and quality of life.  

Movement difficulties

Struggling moving, perhaps just one body part, or maybe its even hard getting up from a chair?


Stressed all the time is the new normal, its also the cause of most if not all our ailments. 


Be it post covid, COL, or finding peace in the here and now 

Hormone imbalances

Much balance can be restored by exercise and stress relief - physics are expert at both. 


Trauma gets stored and stuck in our body. Modern trauma research verifies that we need to work with the body to heal from trauma.

Sex issues

From help with practical movement issues to facilitate intimacy, to what to do when pain is getting in the way, and connecting with your own body for a fulfilling intimate life. 

Physiotherapy is such an incredibly broad discipline. It is one of the most natural treatment forms in western medicine, our treatments are based on movement and touch instead of chemicals and tablets. 

You might be surprised how much a physiotherapist can help you with. 

If something is troubling you and you'd like to find out if I can help feel free to contact. Asking questions is always free, I'd love to hear from you.  

Thanks. We'll get back to you soon

I work on a private basis, my treatments are not government subsidised. 

I do always recommend to search through the health care channels first, obviously that is economically better for you. Primary health care however is there to give everyone a fair level of treatment.


The advantage of working with me is that we can go deeper with a more comprehensive level of treatment. The time spent with me will be focussed on you and not shared with others. 


Kim Westmoquette Licenced Physiotherapist

I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2010 from Karolinska University, Stockholm.


In my 10 years experience I've worked in neurological-, heart- and orthopaedic rehabilitation. I've worked in hospital wards, primary care and in home rehabilitation. 

I have further education and experience working with stress, trauma & burn out and sexology. 

My philosophy in my work is seeing the whole person, not just the ailment presenting. By working with you as a whole person we can work together for lasting results. 


Office visit

1hr   900kr

Come to my office @PilgrimsRest

Person with Crutches

Home visit

1hr  1200kr

If you are not mobile and can't come to me, then I'll come to you.


Strängnäs, Gnesta, Mariefred, Björnlunda

Online Course

Online consultation

60min   900kr

Meet me on Zoom for a virtual consultation from anywhere in the world.