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We apologise for any inconvenience.

Do you consider yourself a seasoned yogi?

Or an uncoordinated stiff .... "yoga isn't for me" person? 

Well, however you feel... you've come to the right place.

What yoga/meditation is and what it isn't. 

Yoga practice has nothing to do with being stretchy or looking good or performing on any particular way whatsoever. Meditation practice is not all about finding a blissful state of complete calm and focus.  

Yoga is actually preparatory to meditation. It is true that a 'goal' to yoga practice is to attain flexibility and strength and flowing movement, but this is not to look good, it is to open blockages to allow the energy to move well throughout your body. The 'goal' of meditation is to achieve enlightenment or nirvana, but actually reaching these 'goals' is something only very few masters achieve in this lifetime. 


That's why I call what we do for yoga and meditation practice - this is also exactly what dedicated monks, nuns, yogis and buddhists do. And interestingly its just what western medicine is prescribing for stress related heath issues.  


The yoga and meditation journey is far from beautiful and blissful. It can be that too, but the main 'goal' is to simply learn to be present with what is here and now (mmm... sorry, we don't get away from the 'here and now' jargon).   

A person struggling with a particular movement who is incredibly present in all their sensations (pain, discomfort, disappointment) is practicing a high level of yoga compared to the stretchy one easily pulling off advanced positions and wondering how good she looks in her new yoga pants. 


I'm not saying that yoga has to be painful and uncomfortable, but actually some of the deepest and most self developing results come from diving deeply into our resistances.  

Learning to be present and grounded in the here and now reduces stress. Learning to feel our body and experience our breath gives us tools to improve the quality of our lives off the yoga mat. 

I have nearly 15 years of my own yoga practice and learning, I couldn't imaging trying to negotiate life with our everything yoga practice and philosophy has taught me. 

Have a look at our class schedule to see if anything takes your fancy. If you would like to start yoga but are not comfortable in a group setting feel free to book yourself an individual session with me where we can devote more time to your body and your needs. 

Yoga Stretches

Individual yoga session

If you would like to start yoga but are not comfortable in a group setting feel free to book yourself an individual session with me where we can devote more time to your body and your needs. 

45mins   600kr

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Get more productive with a focussed and present team

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Kim Westmoquette

Yoga Therapist/Ayurveda Counsellor

My own journey in mindfulness, meditation and yoga began in 2008 with a mindfulness based stress reduction course that then led me into tibetan tradition meditation and Vipasanna. 

As a physiotherapist my university education continued to develop my skills at teaching breath and mindful movement in core elements of my studies. Stress and psychosomatic studies deepening my understanding for how important yoga and mindfulness is in our society today. 

In 2010 I trained as a Yoga & Ayurveda counsellor at Sivananda Yoga Centre Vietnam, I deepened this training at an Center for Ayurveda in india in 2015 & 2016. 


In 2011 I trained as a mediyoga instructor and in 2014 as a mediyoga therapist. I have taught and treated patients of all abilities and disabilities with yoga for many years in hospital wards, individual treatments, in primary healthcare and my own private practice. 

Along with my sexology experience within my field as a physiotherapist I haven now 3 years experience working in the field of conscious sexuality.